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Updated Kitten Confidential! Fostering the best a cat has to offer.

February 13, 2011

It’s been a while. All the kittens have grown, and some have even flown the coop. The last post featured my surprise!kitten, who we started referring to as Miracle Boy and well, the name sort of stuck. As did he, he’s part of the household and not up for adoption. As you can see, he’s a most unusual kitten.

Miracle Boy gazes deep into your soul.

While some of my fosters are friendly and fit right in, others need a bit of socializing. Tommy is a lovely little boy, and has been a great playmate for all the kittens. He loves to play. What he doesn’t love is having human hands reach for him. That freaks him out. However once you’ve got him in your arms (however you manage to get him there), he curls up in a ball and falls asleep. He just goes completely limp. Either he’s giving up or giving in, or he really just loves to be held and cuddled. Hard to say. Until we can overcome his social issues, he lives in the Big Cage, which seems mean, but is really the only way he will learn to completely trust humans and come to rely on them.

Tommy waits in his temporary home for the inevitable "therapy" which consists of hugs and treats.

It’s important that Tommy becomes socialized. We want him to be adoptable because he already has an adopter! That’s right, this scaredy cat managed to get a friend of mine to fall in love with him. Conveniently, she must wait a while to take him home for personal reasons and he must wait to be taken while we work together on his socialization.

As it is, even the most socialized, friendly cat or kitten will need time to get adjusted to a new home. Many times at Anjellicle Cats we process an adoption, only to face disappointed and upset adopters who can’t understand why their new family member is hiding under the bed. Generally, with support from ACR, they feel comfortable waiting until their kitty processes all the newness and learns that oh look! Food. Sometimes problems cannot be overcome and then we will take the cat back, and hope that there is a more suited Forever Home out there. But the goal as a foster, for me, is to turn a cat into the healthiest, happiest, friendliest cat possible, so that they have the best chance at success in their new home. Cat rescue is also customer service, who knew?