The Good Goodbyes.

February 22, 2012

Over the years, adopting out fosters has become more gratifying, less debilitating. At first, you want to weep for days over the loss of your foster, missing them, hoping they are well taken care of; essentially the ritual of basic mourning and goodbyes. As the years go by and you realize that the cats live a far better life as a permanent member of a family, with less cats all around, and that by adopting them into good homes, you can ostensibly and theoretically save more lives, you adjust accordingly.

Angelina. New name: Gidget

My last drop-off, Angelina, was a real cutie, a total heart breaker, and was with me for longer than she might otherwise have been due to an intractable case of diarrhea which meant she had to be confined so as not to let loose in inappropriate places. Poor thing was clearly having real issues, but her attitude was always the same. LET ME OUT SO I CAN LOVE YOU. Often I’d just wrap her in a towel and let her snuggle with me. She loved to play too, and that was curtailed somewhat. However I never doubted that whether it was 2 months or 6 months of age, she would be adopted, and as a healthy, loving kitty.

The best thing that can happen is that you bring a cat to their new home, have a lovely conversation with the new adopters, and then by the time you leave and give the kitty a hug goodbye, she is already struggling out of your arms and ready to go back to get to know her new family, a big smile on her face. This was the case with Angelina. She chose her new home, she made it easy on me, and I couldn’t be happier. Nor could her new adoptive parents.



One comment

  1. Win-Win!
    I needed a ‘feel good story’ today. Thanks Amy!

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