New Confidential Kitties

June 16, 2010

There are some new recruits in my life, courtesy of Kitten Season. What is Kitten Season? Oh just when all the mothers everywhere give birth to their litters and it’s an explosion of kittens, abandoned, dumped and thrown away.

Dear Joe Public:

Please spay and neuter your pets. If you have an animal on your property, even if it’s not yours, please arrange to have that animal fixed, whether through the ASPCA or Humane Society, or through a Trap-Neuter-Release program. You’ll be glad that you did, and you will save countless little kittens from suffering the brunt of overpopulation.

Thank you.

But that’s not why we are here today. No, we’re here to celebrate the cuteness of kittens.

(L to R) McGee, Grey Bear, Abby, Teddy (in front) and Panda

It’s true. They are cute. Look at those faces! And even when the grow up, they are wonderful, fun companions. I’m not lying because I speak from broad experience. Ha ha, yes indeed!

These guys are from different litters. I was privileged to receive whole or parts of litters and there was a lot of mixing and matching. McGee and his sister Ziva were the actual offspring of LadyKat, pictured below.

Then LadyKat got very ill and went to the hospital. Turned out, she had infected nipples and one had an abscess. Three weeks later, she’s back in my house, wondering who the hell these tiny cats are. Her motherhood has been stripped from her, but between you and me, she’s probably secretly glad. Motherhood is hard!

Lady Kat, a gorgeous tortie calico.

Take the example of Sweets. Sweets is a great mom, but all her kittens died. She and her babies all had upper respiratory infections that turned into deadly pneumonia.

For a while she was unable to nurse her last remaining baby, and he didn’t make it despite our best efforts (and our vets’ best efforts). Eventually she recovered and I thought “oh hey, I need a lactating mother for these other babies.”

So she and Lady shared the duty for a while until Lady went to the hospital and then it was all on Sweets. Quite a merry-go-round for kittens and moms, right?

Sweets isn’t sure where these extra kittens came from, but she’s game. They meep, she meows and it’s a game of “Marco Polo” in my house constantly. And the kittens get to nurse and Sweets gets to be a mom. It’s all good.

Sweets cares for a sick kitten

Now the challenging part. Finding homes for everyone. Plenty of people are willing to take cute kittens, although there are so many in the summer. But the moms can end up unadopted for months, after their kittens have gone. Talk about post-partum depression!

Here’s hoping for the best for all of these good moms, fighting for their health and the babies who just need a little mothering – and now, a good home that will love them even when they’re grown.

Don’t we all wish for that?

To inquire about any of these cats, write to adopt@anjelliclecats.com, or respond here on this blog.


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